I can't get round to writing because life gets in the way

Really? Life is getting in the way? Life? What is your life? Are you not a writer yet? Sorry, I mistook you for someone who was reading this garbage for a reason, why not click on one of the adverts below and go to someone else's website who'll give you lots of courage to give up?

You are a writer. You've begun the long process for a good reason you had a story to tell. You still have that story, you've probably got a really good story. Hell, it might not be award winning, it may not find itself on the bestseller's list, but that's a pretty rubbish excuse from doing what you know you need to do and that's write.

Write, write, write. You have nothing to lose. Stay up late, just an hour a day extra... it's not going to kill you, anyone who's "forcing" you to do otherwise doesn't hear your passion let them know your passion and they will honour your needs beyond anything you can imagine, I swear it. Let them know they're going to become part of that wonderful first page of any novel:

"This book is dedicated to XXXXX XXXXXXXXXX who put up with me working long hours through the night when I should have been pleasuring them, instead."

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