How to find motivation to finish writing your story

Oh come on! You've come so far, didn't you read that last page? We know it's hard to write but keep going and keep that motivation high when you're writing. But, please, try to find it somewhere! Seriously, you're one in a million just for having that story. Oh no, I'm going to have to go all mathematical to prove a really dumb point:

So you're one in a million. So right now, world population wise, that means there are a good 7,000 of you out there right now with a cracking story to tell...but that's pretty good going.
Imagine that a good 300,000 books are published, worldwide, every year (I looked that up, "how many books are published each year ?" I asked... about 300,000 was the response. About 100,000 in the UK, same in the US).
OK, so out of 300,000 published books, let's discard half because they're cookery books and autobiographies of "celebrities" from this year's Big Brother. Out of the remaining 150,000, 7,000 will be any good and you're one of those. Nearly 5%. Wooo, yeah! :)

That was awful, wasn't it? But really when you consider how rare it is that truly wonderful books are published, how dare you hold back? If everyone with a good story actually got off their collective derriere (approximately 3,000 miles worth of side-to-side buttock coverage, that is) then that 7,000 would skyrocket, it really would.

The point is: Be bothered. You're clearly here now thinking about it, you have some drive - use it. Use it now because the drive may never return - never, ever regret NOT doing something you felt the drive to do. Go on, you know you want to!

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