I'm a good writer and I've nearly finished writing my book... next steps?

Really? You're a good writer? Who told you? :) Seriously, that's great news but I should warn you, it's probably one of those mid stage things that's going to set you back for a while. It's a bit like the stages of grief, you know:

"Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance".

You're in the writers stage of "Everything's going perfectly!" It doesn't mean you're wrong but it's something you're going to have to control if you're going to get through all this. It's not that I'm trying to worry you or upset you, I just think you need to keep it in mind as just a phase you're going through.

There are next steps though, lots of really good juicy ones that are going to get you salivating... but what I strongly recommend is that you FINISH your book first. No, really, finish it. There's nothing worse than looking into what your next steps are without that finished article because it's almost like a tease without it.

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